Founded in 2006 by Prof. Alon Wolf, BRML, is located at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. The scope of work done in the BRML provides the framework for fundamental theories in kinematics and Biomechanics, with applications in Gait Analysis, Rehabilitation, and Robotics

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    Assessment of the effects of body weight unloading on kinematics, kinetics, muscle activity, and center of pressure during overground gait

    Soft Tissue Artifact Description using triangular Cosserat point elements

    Knee kinematic and kinetic modifications under body weight unloading during overground walking at a constant speed

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    Arielle Fischer receives the prestige Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship

    Dana Solav receives the prestigious Aharon and Ephraim Katzir Study Grant

    Prof. Wolf receives the Juludan Research Prize for the year 2015

    Robotics and Biorobotics

    Biomechanics and Medical Robotics

    Leonardo da Vinci: A Scientist, Inventor, Designer, Kinematician, biomechanicist, an Artist

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