Founded in 2006 by
Dr. Alon Wolf, BRML, is a new lab in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. The scope of work done in the BRML provides the framework for fundamental theories in kinematics and mechanism design with applications in Biomechanics, medical robotics and hyper Redundant mechanisms (snake robots)
BRML's research interests span the spectrum - from the theoretical in kinematics, mechanism design, kinematics of MEMS mechanisms, and biomechanics to the applied in medical robotic devices, biorobotics and rehabilitation systems..
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Popular Science
Sagital plaen knee kinematics alternation in knee osteparthritis patients undergoing a non-invasive biomechanical training program: A prospective clinical study
Cosserat Point Elements (CPEs) Used to Estimate Rigid Body Motion and Quantify the Soft Tissue Artifact
Shape Tracking of Hyper Flexible Beams via Embedded PVDF Deflection Sensors
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Medrobotics received the CE mark (Prof. Wolf Co-Inventor and Founder)
Prof. Wolf presented the snake robot to President Hollande of France
Prof. Wolf to Present the snake robot to President Obama
Robotics and Biorobotics Biomechanics and Medical Robotics Leonardo da Vinci: A Scientist, Inventor, Designer, Kinematician, biomechanicist, an Artist
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