Undergraduate Research Projects

myFive: a Personalized, Low Cost, Robotic, Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand for Below the Elbow Amputees

Nirel Kakon, Bruno Aronis, Joshua Kahn, Shira Massas, Adiel Frankovitch, Leor Madlal, Mor Harpaz, Iftach Naftaly, Yair Herbst, Yuval Nachshon, Zohar Or

The myFive Prosthetic Hand is a 3D printed, myoelectric, robotic prosthetic hand. It is designed to provide a solution for amputees with a below-the- elbow amputation. Currently available prosthetics of this type are hard to get and very expensive (around $40,000), which makes them impractical for most people, and are usually quite heavy, to the point that amputees will often not use them on a daily basis.

Our prosthetic is designed to be parametric and 3D printed, allowing it to be accessible to a greater number of people who need it, and light enough to be comfortably worn all day. The prosthetic allows for several degrees of freedom including opening, closing, and abduction of the fingers, and roll, pitch, and yaw of the thumb.
The myFive is controlled with surface EMG sensors placed on the residual limb. Data processing is handled onboard and motion is performed with micromotors. All the electronics are cheap and accessible components.

This project consists of research and development by a team of students in a variety of fields. 
The end goal of this project is to open-source our work so that amputees around the world can access this technology (similar to the philosophy of the e-Nable Community) and other designers and engineers can modify our work to suit their needs.


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Four motion demo
Two motion demo