Research Projects

Helping Hands: Low Cost 3D Printed Bionic Hands for Children

Yair Herbst, Shunit Polinsky, Technion, Haifa3D

The Enable community is a distributed, collaborative volunteer effort to design and fabricate upper-limb assistive technology devices for anyone who needs it. The designs created by the community are open-source and the fabrication is done locally using consumer 3D printers. This fabrication paradigm has many advantages over existing fabrication methods, first and foremost, the cost of the production is very low. In addition, with 3D printing, very complex geometric shapes can be created, and designs can be personalized to a wide range of anatomical abnormalities relatively easy.

In the lab we collaborate with Haifa3D, an organization devoted for providing these hands in Israel and worldwide in developing new and improved designs.


Examples of shared designs:


Link to the organization:


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